Teams: Bios

Peter J. Vedro serves as President and CEO of VisionQuest International.

Invited by Sue Bailey Thurman to join the Board of the Howard Thurman Educational Trust, where he and Dr. Walter Earl Fluker first met, along with his distinguished history as a consultant and practitioner in leadership development—including a recent assignment to the Public Leadership Initiative of The Leadership Center at Morehouse College—Peter is uniquely qualified to lead the fulfillment of VisionQuest’s mission and vision.

For the past 20 years, Peter has worked as a “human systems architect” helping individuals, teams, and organizations in the design, development, and implementation of personal, interpersonal, managerial, and organizational leadership functionality. Formerly a founding vice president and senior managing consultant of The Covey Leadership Center, Peter helped develop and launch the Seven Habits Organizer and The First Things First Program, as well as deliver dozens of three- to five-day executive seminars on Principle-Centered Leadership and The Seven Habits. He’s worked with dozens of companies of the Fortune 500, such as The Coca-Cola Company, US West, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, as well as Silicon Valley start-ups and major non-profits, bringing together his insights drawn from the fields of education, psychology, theater, and business.

Two projects of which he is most proud to be associated with are the creation of the Thurman/Gandhi Celebration conducted each year at the Ferry Building in San Francisco honoring the meeting of the Thurman’s and Gandhi in 1936, and the ten-year “Freedom Now Mural Tour” sponsored by Carl Vedro and Sue Bailey Thurman which traveled the country from coast-to-coast exhibiting the Robert Witt Ames "Freedom Now" Mural (now permanently housed at the DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago).