What We Do: Community

In Quest of Character, Civility and Community™

COMMUNITY, the spiritual dimension of our model, cultivates loving and just relationships with self, society and Spirit, focusing on the virtuosities of community:

  • Courage: “The power of life to be.” (Paul Tillich) Self-affirmation despite of the threat of destruction, disease, death or non-Being. Courage is a balanced coordination of both the mind (cognitive) and the will (voluntaristic).
  • Justice: A sense of fairness expressed in feelings and actions of equity, reciprocity, and impartiality; as a public construct, justice is concerned with principles, rules, and statutes that maintain order and equality, but in its most basic and fundamental sense it is a sense of fairness; it seeks balance and proportionality in self, others, and society.
  • Compassion: The fulfillment of the virtues of character: integrity, empathy and hope; it provides the moral tissue for the values of civility: recognition, respect and reverence; and the virtuosities of courage and justice find their fulfillment in acts of compassion. Compassion, writes Thomas Merton, is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things. Leaders in this century are called to be more than charitable actors who respond to the needs of individuals but must be willing to stand at the intersection where worlds collide and create communities of justice and compassion.

By community, we mean the mutually cooperative and voluntary venture of persons in which they realize the solidarity of humanity by freely assuming responsibility for one another within the context of civil relations. Community as a rational construction is the ideal which serves as the goal of human existence and the norm for ethical judgment but at the affective dimension, a sense of community is the inherent sense of belonging to and knowing that grows of out the matrix of all things..

By spirituality, we mean a way or ways of seeking or being in relationship with an other who is believed to be worthy of reverence and highest devotion.

 By virtuosities, we mean moral excellences. The moral life is a matter of practice and striving for excellence much like virtuosos who display great technical skill in their craft; and while understanding the basic rules of their art are also able to transcend these in quest of excellence.