How We Do It: VisionQuest’s Way

The basic argument of our preventive/interventive strategies is that human development requires an ethical anchor, a structure in which leaders themselves must be central participants.

VisionQuest utilizes a preventive and interventive methodology, which flows from the Ethical Leadership Model as the basis for its training programs, that:

  • Transmits through storytelling the customs and ways of thinking that promote the development of the personal constructs of an ethical center: character, civility and community;
  • Utilizes ritual and other esthetics triggers to help leaders internalize these customs and ways of thinking;
    for example, our Mask-Making Exercise:

  • Utilizes critical thinking exercises to help leaders internalize imaginative skills needed to produce and sustain reflective learning, dialectic thinking and emancipatory learning;
  • Facilitate their application of these skills to solve lifeworld and systemworld clashes, myths and parables; and
  • Provides leaders with an experience of community through which the natural development of ethical judgment is stimulated.