Who We Are

VisionQuest International is the training and development arm of VisionQuest Association, Inc., a charitable, non-profit trust (501c3) founded in 1995.

The founder, Dr. Walter Earl Fluker, was awarded a generous grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to conduct research on the development of ethical leadership. The successful completion of the study culminated in a community-based organization, VisionQuest International, which provides programs, consultation, and services to educational institutions, corporations, non-profits, governmental agencies—both domestic and international—as well as faith-based groups.

Interventions include The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Eastman Kodak Company, The New York State Department of Children and Family Services, The Congress of National Black Churches, University of Capetown and Robben Island Retreat Center, South Africa. Dr. Fluker is a listed speaker for the State Department on ethical leadership.


VisionQuest International’s mission is to identify, recruit, and train a new generation of ethical leaders who are spiritually disciplined, intellectually astute, morally anchored to inspire character, civility, and community in local, national, and international settings.


VisionQuest International envisions the establishment of a comprehensive organization that focuses on education and training to promote ethical leadership among youth and adults—in public and private sectors—founded on the guiding principles of character, civility, and community which form the bedrock of genuine human development and peaceful co-existence.

Virtues, Values & Virtuosities

VisionQuest International embodies and models the values of ethical leadership in all its dealings:

  • We act based on character and its concomitant virtues of “integrity, empathy, and hope.”
  • We react based on civility and its concomitant values of “recognition, respect, and reverence.”
  • And we re-imagine based on community and its concomitant virtuosities of “courage, justice, and compassion.”

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